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The Future of MES is Composability: How Tulip is Showing the Way

The Tulip Interfaces team is proud to be recognized as a Challenger for MES in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the third year in a row. Check out this blog post to see the full report and how Gartner's continued focus on composable technology is aligned with Tulip’s vision for the future.

Platform Update

Expanded Multilingual Support for Global Users

Korean, Norwegian, and Ukranian have been added to the extensive list of supported languages for applications.

Platform Update

Add Layers to Charts with Machine and App Data

Users can now organize, manage, and break down complex analyses into smaller more manageable elements to drive insights from data from machines and apps.

Tulip University

New HTTP Connector Course

HTTP connectors enable integration between Tulip apps and external systems, programs, and services like M365 Excel or Shippo. Register now to learn more about connector configuration, connector functions, API docs, JSON response bodies, object and array extractions, using connector outputs in Tulip apps, and more.

How are we doing?

At Tulip, it is our priority to continue improving our platform to better serve users like you. Please leave a review on our Gartner Peer Insights profile, and you will get access to reviews by your peers of over 17, 000 products and services in over 400 categories. In addition, you will get immediate access to Peer Insights Plus – an exclusive resource with special content courtesy of Gartner.