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Operations Calling 2024
Tulip Conference

Save the date for Operations Calling

Join industry leaders, disruptors, groundbreakers, and innovators from around the world for this immersive multi-day event. Get inspired by the latest trends and technology shaping the future of frontline operations.

Luxury Goods Webinar
Recent Webinar

Tradition Meets Innovation: Transforming Luxury Goods Manufacturing for the Digital Age

Join us for our upcoming webinar and gain insight into how leading luxury goods manufacturers are making the crucial shift to an agile, digital-first shop floor, resulting in improved productivity expedited operator training, and reduced defects end-to-end traceability.

Production Visibility Webinar
Recent Virtual Event

Beyond OEE: 5 Manufacturing Dashboards That Drive Better Decision-Making

Discover the importance of incorporating operator data into your production dashboards in our upcoming LinkedIn Live event. We'll give you 5 dashboard examples that will help you uncover hidden efficiencies and drive real-time decision-making with better data.

Custom User Roles
Platform Updates

Introducing Custom User Roles

Enterprise customers can now build their own user roles by combining 80+ distinct permissions. Ensure that your roles in Tulip comply with internal rules around governance.

Validation Rules
Platform Update

New Input Widget Validation Features

Input widgets can now have requirements and validation rules, to ensure that they are filled out correctly. You also can now enable and disable buttons to control the flow of apps.

See the recent full release notes for R273 and R274 in the Tulip Knowledge Base here.

march newsletter community
Community Update

Show and Tell: Bow & Stern created a custom timer widget

In this Show & Tell post, Tulip Community member, Horesh from Bow and Stern, shared a custom timer widget with advanced visualization features. The widget uses dynamic color change when time reaches a certain threshold and displays time left.

march newsletter community - event
Community Update

Join ManufactureHERS - Tulip Community’s Womxn’s Group

For Women’s History Month, we are excited to announce our newest Community Group! In a field where women are traditionally underrepresented, it’s essential to recognize the unique perspectives, talents, and experiences that women bring to the table. ManufactureHERs aims to provide a supportive and empowering space for women in manufacturing to connect, share ideas, and grow both personally and professionally.

New Tech Partner Arena
Technology Partner Update

New Integration Announcement: Arena

Arena, a PTC company, and Tulip are partnering to provide streamlined connectivity between PTC's Quality Management System (QMS) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool and Tulip apps. With Arena and Tulip, you can bring product information into your frontline operations.