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Use Case of the Month

Improve Visibility with Tier Dashboards and Performance Visibility

Real-time dashboards help you visualize the quality, delivery, and productivity of your machines, cells, or lines. See how successfully implemented performance visibility can help you address concerns such as labor costs, scrap, costs, cycle time, and more.

Tulip Community Updates

Headshot - Abigail Tingley
Community Spotlight

Abigail Tingley

Community Spotlights are special features to introduce you to the amazing folks transforming manufacturing as part of the Tulip Community. This month, we are excited to feature Abigail Tingley, a Development Manufacturing Engineer at Airborn Inc. whose passion for creative problem-solving, has helped her find human-centric approaches to serving the operators on the shop floor. Read our interview with Abigail on our blog to learn more about her story.

App References - Community Updates
Community Update

Show & Tell: How to Handle Object Arrays in Tulip for Reference Counting

Community member, Richard, walks through a simple demo app he created that illustrates how to modify Object Arrays in Tulip. His use case is for tracking gauges used to perform an inspection, allowing operators to scan the gauges directly into the Tulip application and storing this data in the app completion record for DHR purposes, but his demo shows a simplified version of this use case that is very helpful for anyone who wants to better understand how to use Object Arrays in their own Tulip apps!

Image for Office Hours
Community Update

Introducing APAC Office Hours

We are expanding our Office Hours sessions to accommodate customers in the Asia-Pacific Region! The first session will take place June 18th and sessions will happen biweekly on Tuesdays from 1-2 pm Singapore Time (SGT). We are excited to support Tulip’s global expansion and customers in this region with live help from Tulip experts in these sessions.

Tulip Product Updates

Automations Product Updates
Platform Updates

Build and Test Automations Faster

Recently we’ve added several new features to the app editor, automations, and analytics in Tulip. A new test button and Undo and Redo options have arrived in Automations, and we’ve added decimal precision for numeric Analytics fields in the Universal Template.

Tulip Resources

Thumbnail of Webinar Event - Unlocking Human Potential
Upcoming Webinar

Unlocking Human Potential in Frontline Operations with Composability and AI

Join us on June 25th at 12 pm EST for an exclusive IndustryWeek webinar to discover how composability can effectively implement generative AI, computer vision, smart tools, and connected devices in your manufacturing operations. Learn how composability empowers frontline engineers to drive innovation and efficiency, revolutionizing your approach to technology integration.

Operations Calling 2024
Upcoming Event

Save the date for Operations Calling

Join industry leaders, disruptors, groundbreakers, and innovators from around the world for this immersive multi-day event (October 8th and 9th). Get inspired by the latest trends and technology shaping the future of frontline operations.

New & Featured Resources

  • Podcast Thumbnail - Hannover Messe

    Hannover Messe Special

    Our special episode recorded on-site at Hannover Messe provided a recap of the event, a look at some of the most innovative (and overhyped) technologies on display, and more.

    Listen Now
  • Podcast Thumbnail -  Anna Shedletsky

    AI for the Frontline Engineer

    Anna shared best practices for how to take an idea from prototype to production, what metrics you need to be looking out for, and how to prove the value of tech to leadership.

    Listen Now
  • Podcast Thumbnail -  Kai Yang

    Democratizing Computer Vision

    Kai shared tips for developing machine vision solutions, discussed the importance of the right data strategy, and broke down how tools like visual prompting are helping to democratize this technology.

    Listen Now
  • Workstation with monitor, bins, scale, camera, RFID reader, and other equipment.

    How We Built the Most Efficient Pop-Up Factory Yet For Hannover Messe 2024

    Discover how we created our most intuitive operator experience ever under a week of development time in Tulip.

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  • eBook Thumbnail -  Adopting an Open Ecosystem

    Adopting an Open Ecosystem: The Way Forward for Frontline Operations

    Learn how adopting an open ecosystem approach empowers manufacturers to capitalize on agility during industry shifts.

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