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product screenshot of box plots in the Analytics editor with the universal template
Platform Update

Visualize Data as a Multi-Series Box Plot

In the Universal Template in Analytics, you can now create a Box Plot to understand the distribution of your data and any outliers, using one or more data sets in a single view. Easily configure visual settings in the formatting panel.

Product screenshot of the Create Automation Modal prompting the user to add a name
Platform Update

New in Automations Beta

We are continually improving and adding new features as all customers gain beta access to Automations in Tulip. Some of these updates include sorting functionality and guardrail features that prevent publishing issues and make the editor even easier to use.

See this month's full release notes for R265, R266, and R267 in the Tulip Knowledge Base here.

Screenshot of community post including video thumnail of a tutorial for "Don't Repeate Yourself: Abstracting Repetitive Tulip Steps into Separate Apps"
Community Update

Show and Tell: Abstracting Repetitive Tulip Steps into Separate Apps

In this video tutorial, Tulip Community member, Dan from Low Code OI, walks through how to abstract shared logic from many Tulip apps into a centralized place to streamline the building process.

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