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The Frontline Leadership Exchange at Tulip Open House

Leadership Briefing & Happy Hour

Tulip Headquarters, Somerville, MA | Parla, Assembly Row

Wednesday, March 27th | 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Exclusive networking awaits as Tulip welcomes manufacturing leaders from the greater Boston community to this invite-only event, alongside our executive leadership team.

Join us for the opportunity to share success stories, insights, and best practices with your peer group—while enjoying dinner and refreshments at Assembly Row! Here's what you can expect:

1:1 Sessions

Dedicated time with the Tulip team for tailored strategy sessions that align with your objectives. Explore personalized TEC demos, and engage in in-depth discussions with Tulip's SMEs to gain comprehensive insights into solutions that address specific business needs.

Product Roadmap

Hear from Mason Glidden, Head of Product and Engineering at Tulip, as he shares insights into the latest features. Explore the scalable and composable tools being developed by the Tulip product team today.

Customer Spotlight

Discover firsthand insights from Tulip's customer, VEKA, as they share best practices, growth potential, and the seamless implementation of Tulip across their operations. Gain valuable insights into their successful journey of achieving digital transformation at scale.

Happy Hour with Tulip’s Executive Team

Join us at Parla at Assembly Row for the exclusive opportunity to network with key leaders from Tulip, share knowledge with manufacturing experts, and gain valuable insight from local peers.

If you can't make it for The Frontline Leadership Exchange on Wednesday, feel free to schedule a time that works for you to visit our TEC Open House during the week of March 25 - 29.

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Questions about the event?

Please reach out and a member of our team will follow up with you directly.

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