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Connect With Tulip at Hannover Messe 2024

Meet with us at Hannover Messe from April 22 to 26, 2024 to see firsthand how our Frontline Operations Platform — the only truly composable solution on the market — empowers you to build your own best-in-breed tech stack.

Schedule a demo to discover the value of our platform in-person through the following interactive experiences:

- Pop-Up Factory: Visit the Tulip booth for the opportunity to assemble your very own word clock and learn how apps and connected devices can create an intuitive experience for frontline workers.

- Composable MES Demo: See how easy it is to get started with Tulip’s no-code platform through ready-built apps, templates, and content in the Tulip Library.

- Frontline Copilot® Demo: Explore Tulip’s collection of AI features that are purpose-built for operations, helping engineers and operators do their jobs better, smarter, and faster.

Tulip Booth (Hall 15 | Stand G71)

No two shop floors are the same — and no one software vendor can solve all of your operational challenges. This is true today, and will continue to be true tomorrow. The Tulip Frontline Operations Platform empowers you to build a human-centric tech stack that meets your unique needs. Schedule a demo to see our solutions in-person.

Attendees assembling mouse components and referencing digital work instructions on monitors
  • Pop-Up Factory

    Experience Tulip hands-on by stepping into the shoes of a frontline operator in an interactive assembly process.

  • Composable MES Demo

    Explore how Composable MES apps can come together in a tailored solution to solve specific operational challenges.

  • Frontline Copilot® Demo

    Discover how Tulip’s no-code platform with Frontline Copilot® enables those closest to operations to drive productivity gains by creating AI-powered apps.

Microsoft Booth (Hall 17 | Stand G06)

See firsthand how our Frontline Operations Platform can adapt to the unique needs of your factory with our Composable MES assembly and inspection demo. Configure no-code apps into solutions built on a common table model. Chat with Tulip’s Frontline Copilot®, built for engineers and operators with Azure OpenAI models.

Tulip employee pointing at a screen during a demo.

AWS Booth (Hall 15 | Stand D76)

Discover what's possible with our Composable MES solution. Learn how the Tulip platform integrates with systems like AWS Sagemaker. See how Tulip’s Frontline Copilot® brings the power of AI models like Amazon Bedrock into the hands of operators and engineers.

Tulipian providing a demo to a Hannover Messe attendee.

Where Else to Find Us

  • Litmus Booth

    Hall 16 | Stand D04

  • AWS Theatre Presentation

    Speaker: Roey Mechrez, Head of EMEA and Ecosystem, Tulip. Date: April 24, 2024. Time: 11:00–11:30 a.m.

  • Software Defined Automation Booth

    Hall 9 | Stand F54