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Next-Gen Manufacturing: The Rise of the Citizen Developer

The value of digital transformation for manufacturers lies in the agility and culture of continuous improvement that it enables. The further removed the development of a solution is from its end users, the longer it takes to build and adjust the solution so that it meets changing user needs. With traditional approaches being rigid and top-down, projects are disruptive to implement, difficult to update, and take years to get off the ground and show value.

Join us to learn how next-gen manufacturers are embracing citizen development and the democratization of technology implementation to support operations. Learn how next-gen manufacturers are implementing no-code platforms that empower their engineers and managers to build powerful, rapid-built apps that solve problems without coding expertise.

Session Highlights

  • Keynote: The Rise of the Citizen Developer

    During this keynote, Tulip CEO, Natan Linder, will discuss why enterprise manufacturers are embracing citizen development, the benefits of democratizing technology, turning frontline engineers into citizen developers and how it’s essential to future-proofing manufacturing operations.

  • Panel: Cultivating Citizen Developers at Scale

    Large companies are leveraging online learning, no-code, and hackathons to empower their workforce to drive the digital transformation of their companies from the bottom-up. Access insights with speakers from Terex, Rich Brilliant Willing, and more! Learn how to empower engineers at scale with no-code application platforms.

  • Navigating the Digitalization Landscape

    Learn how engineers from Terex Corporation, Clear Process Solutions, and Sequence Inc. are navigating the digital landscape by automating administrative tasks and problem-solving with continuous improvements with no-code manufacturing apps.

  • Tulip: Building a Platform for Next-Gen Manufacturing

    Hear from Tulip's product management lead as he takes us on a journey of where Tulip has been, where we are now, and our vision for the future of how Next-Gen manufacturing can better serve our customers’ needs.

  • Long Live the Cloud

    During this session, we’ll discuss why cloud-enabled manufacturing is here to stay, why it is important for scaling technology, and how it is better for enterprise manufacturing.

  • The Future of eBR and eDHR: Manufacturing App Platforms

    Join Gilad Langer of Tulip and William O’Sullivan of Seabrook as they discuss the requirements of a solution for eBR and eDHR, how Manufacturing App Platforms fit the bill, and answer customer questions about how it compares to MES.


  • Natan Linder

    CEO & Co-Founder, Tulip

  • Erik Mirandette

    Head of Customer Operations, Tulip

  • Saul Lustgarten

    Head of Product Management, Tulip

  • Gilad Langer

    Industry Practice Lead, Tulip

  • Giovanni Carrara

    Community Lead, Tulip

  • Madi Angel

    Head of Marketing, Tulip

  • William O’Sullivan

    CEO, Seabrook

  • Joseph Rosing

    WW Business Development Leader, Manufacturing Solutions, Amazon Web Services

  • Audra Kirkland

    Director, Digital Manufacturing, Terex

  • Dave Staehle

    Production Manager, Rich Brilliant Willing

  • Alan Madorin

    Manufacturing Engineer, Terex

  • Justin Wood

    Associate Director, Sequence, Inc.

  • Chris Winters

    Solution Engineer, Clear Process Solutions

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