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Engineering Interviews @ Tulip

Our philosophy

When it comes to interviewing at Tulip we take a very practical approach. We find that generally it's more interesting for everyone involved to work on a problem that's close to what we do. This means that when you interview at Tulip, you won't be asked about the complexity of a DFS traversal on a binary tree, or to implement a linked list from scratch. Instead, you'll solve problems with our team that mimic real-world issues in our day-to-day.

The details

During the technical sections of the interview, be prepared to do some coding on your laptop. We'll share screens to help facilitate better communication. If this is an issue for whatever reason then let us know in advance. You'll be coding with one or two people on our team in any language and programming environment of your choosing. You'll also be able to use a search engine and any resources you find with it. You'll be solving real-world problems vs solving algorithm questions, similar to our take-home test question(s) but a bit more in-depth. Be prepared to run solutions to the prompts locally on your computer.

Helpful resources

Our take-home coding test is provided via HackerRank. If you want to practice with the HackerRank software by taking a test similar to the one you'll take at Tulip you can work on this Sample Test. Don't worry, we won't grade the result of this test.

If you're interviewing for a full-stack or front-end engineering role, then make sure your environment is configured properly by downloading and running this script that we wrote. The script checks for the presence of some libraries and their versions, but don't take our word for it - feel free to take a peek. Once you’ve followed the instructions you should see a green screen with a check mark in your browser. If you have any issues getting it running contact the folks you've been speaking with or email