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Tulip enabled Staymobile to automate and centralize data collection

The Challenge

Staymobile is a national, INC 500 provider of computer, Chromebook, and mobile device repair and service solutions. The company’s core customers include enterprises, school districts, and government agencies located across the United States. Staymobile adheres to lean practice throughout their organization, and they’ve set aggressive goals for digitization. Their near-term objectives include eliminating paper work instructions and repair records, with ambitious plans to fully digitize operations.

As a national organization with a geographically distributed workforce, Staymobile struggled to standardize work across locations. Paper-based work instructions were difficult to follow, and made it difficult for engineers to verify technician compliance. Often, multiple versions of the same work instruction were in use at different locations, leading to inconsistently executed procedures and avoidable mistakes. Paper made it impossible to collect the data they needed to optimize repair procedures. Staymobile needed a solution that would enable them to automate and centralize data collection, configure location-specific processes, and standardize procedures.

“With Tulip, we can enable the workstation’s capabilities to change by deploying new functionality to change systemically. We can do it almost overnight. And we can do this to meet changing customer demand.”

Rob Lennox

EVP of Staymobile

Electronics manufacturer soldering a circuit board

The Results

To maximize data collection and configurability, Staymobile used Tulip’s manufacturing application platform to design digital work instruction applications. Because these applications are built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and delivered through the cloud, they enable Staymobile to harmonize distributed operations while centralizing data collection.

Streamlined Data Collection and Sharing

Staymobile’s work instruction applications automatically collect data on every repair and service process. Each application is integrated with Staymobile’s ERP, making inventory tracking and processing planning simple.

Before Tulip, Staymobile technicians struggled to collect the data necessary to optimize processes, and the quality of the data was often insufficient to create robust improvements. Now, Staymobile automatically tracks the chain of custody for thousands of devices, repair status, and other context dependent KPIs across model and configuration variations.

Standardized Work and Procedures

Staymobile’s engineers designed applications to guarantee that all procedures and processes are performed correctly. Each application contains schematics, diagrams, and in-line quality checks to ensure that technicians are realizing standard work.

Previously, technicians needed to page through images scattered across “potentially hundreds of thousands of pages of schematics,” according to Lennox. Now, all of the information a technician needs is immediately available within the application. Staymobile runs applications on touch-screens and tablets at every workstation.

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