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Custom lighting manufacturer integrated Tulip with NetSuite to improve visibility and automate data collection

The Challenge

The custom lighting manufacturer designs and produces LED fixtures for hospitality, workplace, and residential projects. They offer hundreds of unique lighting designs and all of their fixtures are built to order by hand at their Brooklyn studio.

In addition to product complexity, the lighting manufacturer also strives to achieve an aggressive 10-day lead time. Keeping track of labor time and inventory was unwieldy, slow, and prone to error. “We used to keep a booklet of all the different UL compliance labels and had to have operators populate them themselves,” the Production Manager shared.

The lighting manufacturer needed a solution that would simplify their shop floor operations while maximizing the utility of their existing system of record, NetSuite.

“Our process can be challenging. We have a lot of customization and over 1000 different SKUs. In a single day we can make over 14 different fixture types. It’s a lot of moving pieces, a lot of moving parts, and a lot to track.”

Production Manager

The Results

Netsuite Integration

The lighting manufacturer integrated their Tulip applications with their NetSuite ERP. This integration gives builders an intuitive tool for exchanging information from back-end inventory and production planning databases, and adds an additional layer of production visibility to the data they have in their ERP.

Whenever operators need to generate a new work order, Tulip automatically pulls the relevant bill of materials and creates SOPs using data stored in NetSuite. As a result, information moves much more fluidly and reliably between back-end systems and shop floor processes.

Streamlining Assembly

To simplify their high-mix, low volume assemblies, the Production Manager built dynamic work instructions apps that guide builders through each order.

Tulip’s user-friendly interface makes it much easier to train and onboard new builders. A Product Specialist said, “We’ve had newcomers come in who’ve never seen Tulip and they’ve been able to jump right on it and use it right away.”

Start transforming your operations.

With Tulip, companies can digitally transform their operations and gain real-time visibility of their production in days. Speak with one of our digital advisors today to learn more!

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