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We are excited to announce that on November 17, 2022, at 11:00 AM EST, we will be streaming the Tulip Showcase and Groundbreaker Awards, in a virtual session that highlights the latest features of the platform, and celebrates citizen developers who use Tulip around the world.

Members of our team from across the organization will share new features, demos, and announcements that highlight how we are building a robust frontline operations ecosystem. In this blog, learn what you can expect from attending the virtual session.


Building a Frontline Ecosystem

What do we mean by Frontline Ecosystem?

As our platform grows, more and more resources are growing alongside it to support innovation among our customers. With a global community of partners, users, and developers, we are continuing to build ways to foster digital transformation in frontline industries of all sizes.

As we set out to tell the story of what is new in the Tulip platform, we decided to highlight two key themes: democratization and extensibility.

Our vision for Tulip is to bring democratization of technology to all manufacturing spaces. Providing teams with centers of excellence, and engineers with the tools they need to build their own solutions, ensures that your organization is ready to face the challenges ahead of you, and remains agile and resilient in the face of uncertainty.

To ensure we are providing the right tools, Tulip will continue to be an extensible platform with the ability to connect to devices and systems you already use and integrate more and more content from our partners and developers to ensure that you can solve any problem that comes your way.

During the session you will:

  • See a demo of the App Editor and new improvements to the app-building experience
  • Hear how we are working to connect more of your devices at the Edge
  • Explore how engineers can take advantage of Computer Vision in the platform
  • Learn about Analytics Insights and native machine learning features
  • Preview the new Enterprise App Exchange for enterprise sharing
  • Explore the ecosystem of support tools for app builders and software developers

Celebrating Citizen Developers

Following the Tulip Showcase in the same live stream, we will be sharing the winners of the 2022 Tulip Groundbreaker Awards. The Groundbreaker Awards program recognizes innovators on the frontlines of operational industries for their exceptional use of the Tulip platform to digitally transform their operations.


Golden Shovel Award

The Golden Shovel Award recognizes individual engineers for their app-building expertise and the impact they have made at their organization through citizen development.

Navy blue greenhouse icon with a sprout inside

Greenhouse Award

The Greenhouse Award recognizes a team for their success in digitally transforming their company/site by empowering their frontline operations with intuitive, agile apps.

Save Your Seat

We’re excited to share more about the Frontline Operations Platform, and how we are building an ecosystem to support it. To watch the stream for free on November 17 at 11:00 AM EST, register at the link below.