Hannover Messe returns this week after a 2-year hiatus with a new level of attention and excitement. Many technological advancements have been made over the last 2 years, which have been accelerated even further by the pressing needs of the pandemic. And there is no better chance to catch up with all of those exciting developments than meeting leaders in innovation like Tulip at Hannover Messe. Exhibitors and attendees alike are looking forward to having thoughtful and engaging conversations again while testing out the latest technologies in the manufacturing world.

Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform is designed to assist workers throughout the production process and can be customized to your specific challenges and business needs with a range of integrations. The fundamental goal of the platform is to maximize flexibility and reduce the adoption and implementation barriers to a minimum.

We’ll be showcasing the platform in different settings and highlighting capabilities at Hannover Messe. With exhibit space in the Microsoft, AWS, and ZeroKey booths, the Tulip team will deliver demonstrations of our integrations with each partner’s solutions and the capabilities empowered by those integrations.

Interactive, in-person demos

Microsoft Partner Booth E34, Hall 4

Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform features a flexible data structure and no-code logic that makes it easy to set up connected apps to seamlessly track production and automate workflows for frontline workers.

Tulip’s cloud-based platform runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud, enabling scalability, security, and availability features. Several other Microsoft products are compatible with Tulip, including Microsoft Dynamics (ERP), Microsoft Teams (video chatting), Azure Cognitive Services (Vision), and PowerBI (Analytics).

Visit this booth if you’re interested in:

  • No-code app platform

  • Error-proof assembly

  • Edge connectivity

  • Computer vision

AWS Partner Booth A54, Hall 5

The theme of Tulip’s demos and presentations at the AWS partner booth is edge connectivity and democratizing the edge. Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform features no-code logic, built-in analytics, and edge connectivity that makes it easy to set up connected apps to equip frontline workers and capture everything happening on the production floor. Tulip also has powerful edge devices that enable edge computing (transforming machine and device data locally), sending the transformed data to the Tulip Platform on AWS Cloud, enabling scalability, security, and availability.

Check out this booth if you’re interested in:

  • Edge connectivity

  • Virtual PLC

  • Machine monitoring

  • Dashboards

On May 31 at 10 am, our CTO and co-founder Rony Kubat will deliver a joint presentation with Youri Renaud, Head of Manufacturing Product at Cartier/Richemont on how democratized edge connectivity unlocked the next level of operational insights.

ZeroKey Booth G29, Hall 4

Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform features a flexible data structure and no-code logic that makes it easy to set up connected apps to seamlessly track production and automate workflows for frontline workers. ZeroKey creates hyper-accurate location tracking systems that can be installed in an operations setting. ZeroKey’s real-time tracking data can be used as a data input for Tulip.

Check it out if you’re interested in:

  • Augmenting frontline operators - See how Tulip and ZeroKey automate tasks for frontline workers, enabling them to focus on the most challenging aspects of their work

  • Real-time visibility - Gain deeper insights by tracking operations and collecting more data more seamlessly

  • Agility and flexibility - Build systems that fit your operations – not the other way around. Adjust your systems as your operations change.

We will also co-host a happy hour with the ZeroKey team at their booth (G29, Hall 4) on June 1 at 6 pm. Don’t forget to come by, have a drink and meet some interesting people from both of our teams.

Book a private meeting with our team

We believe that there is no one-size fit all solutions to manufacturing, so we’d love to have deep-dive conversations about your specific needs and challenges. If you’re inspired by any of the demos below, don’t hesitate to sign up for a private meeting during the show to discuss how it can be adapted to your specific situation.

We’re all excited about all the fun activities at Hannover Messe–it’s truly the event of the year. Hope to see you there! But even if you will not attend Hannover Messe in person, you can still find out all information about our activities at this hub.

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