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At about this time last year, we launched Tulip University. Tulip University was the first educational offering of its kind—a free, publicly available educational curriculum for no-code app development in manufacturing. Since then, over a thousand manufacturers have learned how to build applications in Tulip University, and university “graduates” have produced hundreds of production applications.

In the last year, however, we’ve learned a lot, and the Tulip platform has improved just as much. We’ve learned, by necessity, how best to teach customers Tulip when we can’t be on site. We’ve rolled out new features. And we’ve honed our methodology for helping manufacturers succeed with no code.

So today we’re excited to announce that we’re relaunching Tulip University. With the relaunch, we’ve distilled the most important lessons from the last year into University courses.

For one, we’ve dramatically expanded the amount of content available to students. In addition to the existing use-case modules and foundational courses, you’ll find new courses in machine monitoring, configuring machine servers, connectors and APIs, and building a first app.

To bring it all together, the relaunch will feature our first certification course, “Tulip Essentials.” This course will walk students through the fundamentals of no-code app building. With something for seasoned engineers and non-technical folks alike, this course is our most comprehensive primer on app building yet. Students who complete the course will earn their “Tulip Essentials” certification, a way of signaling to their network that they have the skills necessary to build applications in Tulip.

This content is just the beginning. Each month, we’re releasing new courses, with modules in UX/UI, continuous improvement with operations apps, advanced Tulip techniques, GxP app building, designing for scale, and a whole slate of new use-cases coming soon.

For all that’s changed, the core Tulip University experience remains the same. Students learn a key skill for digital manufacturing through real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises.

You can check out the relaunch and get certified here.