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After an eventful week with both the grand opening and open house of our new Tulip Experience Center (we hope you had fun!), Tulip is back on the road again, and our next stop is in Greenville, SC. We will be attending the Manufacturing X.O Southeast Event from April 26 - 27 and demoing our Frontline Operations Platform at Booth 10.

Following its five years of success, Manufacturing X.O Southeast arrives in Greenville, SC this year with the mission to provide both knowledge and network to connect the right technologies to the right people and support technology investment decisions.

More than just a tradeshow, Manufacturing X.O Southeast is an opportunity for knowledge-sharing. That’s why we’re proud and excited to be joining Southern-based manufacturing leaders in teaching our peers, in detail, how to take advantage of the competitive edge that technology offers, and advance digital transformation journeys.

This year our own Mina Hostage, Commercial Executive, Digital Transformation, will share her digital transformation expertise in a panel discussion on building future resilience for manufacturing organizations.

The topic of resilience in manufacturing cannot come at a better time. The past two years have been a test of agility and resilience for manufacturing organizations and foreshadow what is to come in near future. Going digital is no longer optional for manufacturers. We need digital agility to respond more effectively not only to the challenges of this pandemic but also to many of the other disruptions in the external environment.

Yet challenges continue to rise as organizations rush to adopt digital operations. Some digital plans and investments have been put on the back burner with labor and supply shortages, with survival being the primary focus. The real question remains how to balance both survival and innovation in a time of turbulence and keep moving forward.

Listen in to the discussion, titled “Why is Digital so Important to Build Resilience? Emerging Technologies’ Role in Success, & Survival Stories from the Plant Floor to the Supply Chain,” at 10.20 am on April 27 to find answers from Mina Hostage and other leaders, including representatives from Rolls Royce, the Coca-Cola company, and Boeing.

Don’t forget to visit Tulip’s Booth #10 following the discussion to experience the efficiency brought by digital transformation. Tulip will be showcasing our Frontline Operations Platform with easily-configurable best-practice apps and no-code app editing at Manufacturing X.O Southeast. The interactive demo will be a perfect opportunity for you to envision what next-level resilience may look like on your plant floor.

Come by and see for yourself how you can solve your most pressing challenges by connecting people, machines, devices, and systems.

See you at Booth #10!

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