We are excited to announce that the Tulip Library has won New Product of the Year in the Factory of the Future category at the 2021 ASSEMBLY Show last week. This recognition reinforces the notion that the future of frontline operations and manufacturing is about empowering the shop floor worker, allowing people to take ownership of the tools and the data workflow that they're generating.

With the mission to democratize frontline operations and to empower workers with our no-code solutions, the Tulip Library is a key component of our approach to helping manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation and future-proof their operations.

What is the Tulip Library?

The Tulip Library is a repository of app suites, connectors, and device drivers, in addition to stand-alone apps and templates designed to help industrial manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation. The Library offers open access to these components, allowing companies to create and configure solutions that elevate their existing processes without locking them into vendor-specific data models and static applications that require heavy customization.

Historically, manufacturing and other frontline industries have had to choose between inflexible MES systems that fail to keep up with dynamic environments or continue operating in an on-premise, paper-based, analog reality.

The benefits of a Frontline Operations Platform

Tulip’s no-code frontline operations platform removes IT bottlenecks and enables citizen development, allowing the teams closest to operations to own and update the systems that power their processes — while following company guidelines and fulfilling IT requirements.

With access to the Tulip Library, Tulip customers can explore apps for solving specific problems, app suites to provide larger multiple user systems, and connectors for integrating with other systems. The customer can sign in, click a button, and get started configuring apps in their accounts.

Explore dozens of benchmarked Tulip best practices, including standalone apps, app suites, connectors, and device drivers. We are continuously adding to our body of library content as we encounter new use cases and develop new features to enable more elegant solutions

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