What Tulip is Doing at Smart Manufacturing Experience (SMX) Event and Where to Find Us!

We’re excited to announce our sponsorship of the Smart Manufacturing Experience (SMX) event this year from June 7th- 9th in Pittsburg, PA. This year’s event focuses on enabling manufacturers with education and inspiration about emerging technologies that upskill the workforce, improve quality, and advance the future of manufacturing. Participants will be immersed in a world of interactive learning and technology demonstrations. Live presentations, numerous connecting points, and visionary keynotes await, guaranteeing unparalleled understanding and know-how.

The last two years have seen major technological advances and a new era of digitalization, ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic. SMX is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with peers and catch up on the latest technologies. We are looking forward to joining industry leaders in showcasing how smart technology can augment the workforce, modernize your processes and future-proof your operations.

We’re proud to bring to SMX a range of activities, including live demos, keynotes and knowledge bar participation.

Interactive demos at Booth 401

Tulip is bringing two interactive demos to SMX this year: a radio and a phone charger assembly. Event attendees can experience how technology helps guide the operators through the assembly process and assist with defect detection, quality inspection and more in order to minimize errors and maximize quality and efficiency.

Tulip’s assembly demo will showcase human-centric technologies that can target operators’ pain points and augment their abilities, creating a more agile and resilient workforce.

Tulip's Keynote Sessions

Our Industry Practice Lead, Gilad Langer, will be delivering a presentation on how enhanced connectivity, especially when supported by Manufacturing Application Platforms, can empower frontline operators, manufacturing engineers, and management in equally robust ways. Titled “Empowering the Augmented Worker in a Connected Factory,” the presentation will explain why digital technologies are most effective when they are implemented with humans in mind and how to achieve that with connective technologies.

Drawing from the success stories of Tulip customers, Gilad will demonstrate how digital strategies backed by a human-centric approach and a serious consideration of shop floor culture will positively and tangibly impact your operations.

Catch Gilad’s presentation on June 8th at 10:50 am in Room 306/307.

Tulip is also very proud to sponsor a keynote presentation by John Vickers, Principal Technologist, Space Technology Mission Directorate at NASA. Titled “The Digital Twin Acceleration and Institutionalization,” the presentation will focus on the key principles of the digital twin and an overview of its history, evolution, and future impacts on the industry.

Our Head of Marketing, Madilynn Castillo, will be introducing Tulip and the keynote speaker.

Catch this presentation at 9 am on June 8th in the Smart Zone.

Knowledge Bar Appearance

Besides the interactive demos and presentations, Tulip will also participate in the Knowledge Bar and host 2 sessions on industrial operations platforms and worker upskilling.

The first session, titled “Why It’s (Finally?) Time for Industrial Operations Platform,” will be hosted by Russ Waddel, Tulip’s Community Lead, on June 8th at 3.25 pm. In this session, Russ will illustrate how industrial operations platforms are undergoing a period of significant growth thanks to prerequisites for modernization being met, an emerging vendor ecosystem, and pressures from changing demographics.

The second session, titled “Why Upskilling and Digital Augmentation are Key to Winning the War on Talent,” will be hosted by Tulip’s Head of Marketing Madilynn Castillo on June 7th at 11:25 am. In this session, Madilynn will discuss the importance of attracting and retaining frontline talent through continuous education and growth initiatives, and answer questions on how to improve worker empowerment through upskilling and digital augmentation. As the great resignation continues to impact manufacturing, this session will provide key insights to help you build and maintain a resilient and competitive workforce.

Come by the Knowledge Bar to chat with Madilynn and Russ and find answers to your most pressing operational challenges.

More than an event, SMX is an experience for both attendees and exhibitors like Tulip. We’re excited to show you the latest capabilities of Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform and discuss the future of technology in manufacturing. With less than a week to go, we’re completing the final preparations for our appearance at SMX and looking forward to welcoming you at all of the locations above. Come by for the demo, stay for the keynotes, have a chat and let’s have fun!