Hannover Messe Recap

Hannover Messe 2022 is over, but we are still overwhelmed by the support that we received on the show floor. This year, the Tulip team joined Microsoft’s Digital Showcase to present our latest capabilities and how we empower joint customers to modernize their operations and transform our business. We brought to the event two interactive demonstrations of Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform and its integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Hololens, and Microsoft Teams.

Tulip has been working with companies across industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, industrial equipment, contract manufacturing, medical devices and others to equip their frontline workforce. With our principle of augmented lean management and commitment to building human-centric solutions, we have helped companies of all sizes improve productivity, higher quality, and increased efficiency in a sustainable fashion.

Stanley Black & Decker Success Story

One of the success stories that we showcased at Hannover Messe this year is our partnership with Stanley Black & Decker. Having selected Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform to provide digital manufacturing solutions to all their factories across the globe, Stanley Black & Decker is one of the many success stories of joint customers leveraging the integration between Microsoft and Tulip to digitalize, mobilize, and scale their operations.

Empowering the Human Workforce in Frontline Operations

Microsoft and Tulip share the vision of creating more agile factories, engaging the workforce, and ultimately contributing to a more resilient and sustainable future. This is established through the various powerful integrations between Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform and Microsoft solutions, which together cover the entire frontline operations spectrum and empower human workers at every step of the production line.

Tulip runs on Microsoft Azure

Running on Microsoft Azure as a cloud-based application, Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform features a high level of compatibility and integration with existing business systems that has already utilized the Microsoft cloud service. Easily deployed, Tulip’s platform can quickly impact the entire value chain through specific use cases, such as logistics management, supply management, and assembly instructions.

Together, Microsoft Azure and Tulip’s no-code platform create a trusted set of solutions that utilize the true hybrid model, bringing together the best of both the plant floor and the cloud environment in a multi-cloud scenario.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics to synchronize data in real-time

Tulip’s Frontline Operation Platform features connectors that pull work orders directly from Microsoft Dynamics to reduce redundancy in data capture and manual status updates, eliminating the needs to synchronize data offline. Manufacturers can also update work orders on Dynamics directly from Tulip.

Besides reducing implementation and operation cost, the combined power of Tulip and Microsoft Dynamics brings manufacturers complete visibility and control of their entire production floor. Operators can make faster and more accurate decisions with complete and real-time data.

Computer Vision powered by Microsoft Azure Custom Vision

Computer vision capabilities have always been out of reach with reliance on vendors to implement and update systems. With anomaly detection powered by Azure Custom Vision, Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform puts the capabilities back in the hand of your engineers, who are closest to the operations. Engineers can set up, configure, and adjust the computer vision technology to fit the needs of the operations and not the other way around. Azure Custom Vision also allows manufacturers to train machine-learning models to detect anomalies for quality inspection.

Quality Inspection demo at Microsoft Partner Booth
Tulip Demo at Microsoft Partner Booth

Augmented Reality Dashboards and Inspection with Hololens

Tulip apps run on Hololens to create hands-free workflows for frontline operators. Operators now can benefit from augmented reality and wearable hands-free dashboards to monitor equipment and production without needing to touch a screen.

Tulip Demo at Microsoft Partner Booth

Augmented reality and wearable technology streamline many common processes in frontline operations and bring real-time data to the hands of the operators, reducing errors and speeding up decision-making.

Ready-made connectors with Microsoft Apps:

Tulip’s Frontline Operation Platform is integrated with the Microsoft 365 App Suite, allowing better connection and collaboration between frontline operators, supervisors, and engineers. For example, with Microsoft Teams integrations, operators can send messages and calls directly from the Tulip apps to request direct assistance from engineers or supervisors.

Tulip is integrated with Microsoft apps through ready-built connectors, which reduces implementation time and time to value. The built-in integrators also reduce the barrier for non-technical users to get started with advanced integrations in a truly low-code, intuitive, and human-centric fashion.

The integrations above bring together Tulip’s Frontline Operation Platform and Microsoft solutions to streamline, digitize, and modernize daily operations. But more importantly, the solutions created empower human operators to make better decisions and democratize the shop floor. In a rapidly changing business environment, human-centric solutions like those offered by Tulip can help organizations scale sustainably while keeping the focus on their most important resources: their workforce.

If you missed us at Hannover Messe this year, you can still reach our team here to learn how they can help your organization build for agility and sustainable improvements.

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