Digital transformation has been a popular concept for a few decades, yet implementation has been slow and low. Only 10% of North American manufacturing companies have completed their digital transformation project in 2022, according to a recent survey by Aptean, despite significant acceleration during the pandemic. On top of that, 70% of companies reported that they don’t reach stated goals, and 84% of companies fail at digital transformation.

For digital transformation to work, manufacturers must change their approach to technology adoption to adapt better to changing economic dynamics. With generational turnover and a competitive labor market, process-centric implementation no longer works. Instead, companies need to focus on their most valuable asset–their workers–and augment their abilities and productivity with technology. In other words, the future of manufacturing technology is human-centric operations.

Key themes at IMTS

At IMTS this year, the Tulip team will be discussing the changing background of digital transformation in manufacturing and how it impacts manufacturing operations on both a strategic and tactical level through a series of presentations in partnership with Smart Manufacturing Experience as well as at the Hannover Messe Conference. The presentations will cover a range of topics that address the shift from a process-centric approach to a human-centric one, and real-world success stories of worker augmentation.

We will be delivering three presentations at the SME SmartHub (Booth #236800) and one at the Hannover Messe USA Pavillion (Room W196 - C)

Spotlight presentations

Why It’s (Finally?) Time for Industrial Operations Platforms presented by Russ Waddell, Community Lead at Tulip

In this presentation, Russ Waddell will examine the prerequisites for modernization in manufacturing and how they have been met, opening the door for digital transformation to accelerate. Russ will also make the case for the adoption of an operations platform to quickly adapt to external challenges and rise to any opportunities that are presented in this changing environment.

If your digital transformation journey has lagged behind, or you have been hesitant about implementing digital transformation, this is the perfect presentation for you. Catch the presentation at 2:50 pm, Tuesday, 9/13, Booth #236800.

Automation to Augmentation: Empowering Frontline Workers with no-code, apps-based solutions presented by Trond Arne Undheim, Ph.D., Lead Ecosystem Evangelist at Tulip

The shift from automation to augmentation is among the most fundamental challenges of fitting workforce education programs and reskilling approaches to operational challenges in factories and along complex industrial value chains. This presentation will address the challenge of bridging the cyber-physical divide in factories, shop floors and on-the-move scenarios. Removing legacy constraints will be the only way forward; without an overhaul of how training is executed, change won’t scale.

Attend this presentation if you are interested in shifting from automation to augmentation, and gaining a sneak peek into the forthcoming book by Natan Linder and Trond Arne Undheim, Augmented Lean: A Human-Centric Framework for Managing Frontline Operations, which is based on a year-long study of leaders in manufacturing, documented through scores of interviews that are publicly available on the Augmented podcast.

Trond’s presentation will be at 2:10 pm on Wednesday, 9/14 at the SME SmartHub, booth #236800

Augmented Lean: The new management framework for Frontline Operations presented by Natan Linder, CEO and Co-Founder at Tulip

In this presentation, Natan will deep-dive into the augmented lean management framework and how it will transform frontline operations. Drawing upon real-world success stories of Tulip customers and a year-long study of leaders in manufacturing, Natan lays out a roadmap for marrying the power of technology and humans in human-centric operations and getting away from blindly automating to chase theoretical efficiency. This is a preview of Linder’s upcoming book, Augmented Lean: A Human-Centric Framework for Managing Frontline Operations.

If you are interested in learning more about the augmented lean management framework and how that can help unlock operational excellence at your organization, catch Natan’s presentation at 11:35 am at SME SmartHub, booth #236800.

Why Upskilling and Digital Augmentation are Key to Winning the War for Talent presented by: Madilynn Angel, Head of Marketing at Tulip

The war for talent is still prevalent in manufacturing. A competitive labor market, coupled with a wave of generational turnover is increasing pressure on manufacturers to retain workers more effectively. To be able to do that, manufacturers need to understand what workers are looking for and how to build a system that can service them.

In this presentation, Madilynn will examine the current state of the workforce in manufacturing, enduring challenges, and how manufacturers can use upskilling and digital augmentation to address these challenges.

If worker acquisition and retention are among your top concerns in 2022, don’t miss out on this presentation at 2:15 pm on Wednesday, 9/4, in Room W196 - C. Madi’s presentation is part of the Hannover Messe USA Conference.

We look forward to connecting with you at IMTS 2022. For interactive demos of the Tulip Frontline Operations Platform, visit our booth #134748, East Hall Level 3. You can reserve personal demo time ahead here.

The Future of Operations is Apps. Hello Composability!

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