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At the new Tulip Experience Center, visitors can gain inspiration on how to reduce errors and increase efficiency in complex operations by enabling hands-free instructions and eBR data collection using a Tulip app on a RealWear assisted reality device.

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, it is common to have batch process steps in sterile environments, such as in a glovebox. Traditionally, this type of process requires one operator to actively mix materials and another operator to read instructions and capture data. Instead of having two operators at a glovebox station, this demonstration shows how a single operator could use a Tulip app on a RealWear headset to follow digital work instructions and capture data on their own — while having their hands free to execute the tasks in front of them.

With Tulip's validatable platform and edge connectivity, this approach is compatible with capturing batch or medical device records. As an operator goes through each step, they can use connected devices and their voices to capture and verify it for right-the-first-time entry into an eBR or eDHR.


Using RealWear Assisted Reality head-worn solutions – like RealWear Navigator™ 500, operators can view and interact with Tulip apps, enabling truly hands-free operations without requiring training beforehand. Operators can navigate through custom-built work instruction apps for complex procedures and capture data using simple voice commands, foot pedals, or virtual buttons – keeping their hands free to work. With Tulip and RealWear, operators can quickly share a first-person point of view perspective with a remote expert for assistance as they have questions or encounter trouble. Operators can also access at-a-glance data like machine status.

Perfect for environments requiring constant sterilization, RealWear headsets are water-proof, dust-proof, drop-proof. For extremely noisy industrial environments, RealWear’s voice-enabled system features noise cancellation, which functions up to 100 dB. This allows for hands-free calls or commands even when over-the-ear hearing protection is required.


Tulip's native edge connectivity can also assist operators with capturing data on ambient conditions and ensure GMP compliance at a glance. Using widely available Phidgets USB-connected sensors connected to a Tulip edge device, operators can confirm while wearing their headset if a glovebox station is under the proper temperature and humidity conditions for working. When the procedure is complete, the operator will give their electronic signature and the ambient conditions data captured from the Phidgets will be stored in the digital logbook.

Tulip and Realwear are working together equipping organizations with the tools they need to empower their organization. RealWear headsets can be deployed across an operation, including in labs cleanrooms, and warehouses. For Tulip users getting started with apps on RealWear, or any wearables, we provide resources for designing and building wearable apps, and a global community of engineers to answer your questions.

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