To serve customers in regulated industries and life sciences, Tulip offers an LTS or long-term support release that is updated every 6 months. LTS 5 is the latest LTS offering from Tulip, and it will be available to customers on April 26, 2021.

With LTS 5 new features and updates to the platform are available to streamline compliance and GxP app building. Let’s dive into how some of the features can benefit users:

LTS 5 Streamlines Compliance

Improvements to the Record History Widget

LTS 5 brings improvements to the Record History Widget in Tulip. These new improvements enable engineers to have more control over how they can filter and sort through data in table records, making it easier to view specific records for audits and change management.

Table Queries and Aggregations

The new Table Queries and Aggregations feature enables users to manipulate records and perform deeper analysis on their data. Engineers can run multiple operations on top of different columns and define queries that can be shared across apps.

Aggregations can be created and applied across any number of queries and allow you to build and display up specific records as they’re needed.

New Trigger Actions and Settings Options

New trigger actions to manipulate data in apps have been added:

  • Reset all app variables: Data manipulation trigger for resetting variables in apps to their defaults (this does not affect step duration data).
  • Save all apps data: Will generate a new completion in the database and clear Steps/apps duration, and forms and signatures, without clearing variables or moving to a different step.
  • Clear all record placeholders: Clears all table record placeholders, without affecting app variables.

In addition, there is a new option to not save placeholders upon completion of apps.

There is also a new account setting option to log out operators when the Player is closed.

LTS 5 Streamlines GxP App Building

Developer Mode

For building apps in the App Editor, Developer Mode is a new tool that users can use to access an in-browser testing environment for Tulip apps. Preview and interact with apps without opening the Player or a production environment.

Tulip Vision

Tulip Vision enables engineers to leverage change detection and jig detection capabilities in apps to create production-ready vision systems with off-the-shelf cameras.

With privacy and permission controls, Vision can integrate accelerated workflows and effortless data collection with no code necessary.

More updates to the platform include barcode rendering and increased barcode scanning support, a new Machine Attributes API for connecting to Node-RED and other languages and services, Shareable Stations, and more.

Visit the Tulip Community for a full list of updates.

New GxP Documentation apps in the Tulip Library

Tulip regularly releases ready-built apps to get you up and running with common use cases quickly. Recent apps added to the Library include Logbooks apps for managing digital logbooks and GxP documentation, downloadable for free to customers.

If you are interested in LTS releases or seeing how Tulip can be implemented in your industry, you can get in touch with us today.