Release 209 of the Tulip platform is here. This release contains new features, feature updates, and quality improvements.

Image Input replacing Camera Input

Capturing images in apps serves a variety of use cases, and can be vital to inspection processes and storing records. Previously, the Camera Input option only allowed end users to add photos from their device camera into Steps. Now, the Camera Input has been replaced with the Image Input. Image Input enables image source options from a camera, uploads, or both. This availability was previously only available on Form Steps but is now available on regular Steps. No functionality has been lost from the Camera Input, as you can see below:

Tulip app editor image input

Improvements to the Date Picker

Some users encountered challenges when manually inputting European date formats into the Date Picker Input. Now, the Date Picker accepts custom formats, which enables it to better parse European date formatting more consistently when entered manually into the Input widget.

In addition, we have resolved an issue with the date picker causing app failures.

More Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved a memory leak issue
  • Color variable defaults apply correctly
  • Deletions always appear in Record History Widget

  • Only one machine can be assigned to a single station

  • Invalid options for dynamic analysis filters have been removed

  • Exporting .CSV files of table analyses from shared links does not fail

  • Table links in the trigger editor no longer allow users to select archived fields

  • Empty Station Groups appear in the Station menu on the Shop Floor page

  • Selecting a variable type when creating variables in input widgets is now required

  • Entering a negative number into a table filter input no longer returns an error

  • Deleting static options when editing select inputs does not delete the last element

  • Resolved trigger issue when selecting rows in Interactive Table Widgets

  • OAuth configuration modal can now configure how Client ID and Client Secret are sent for refresh token requests

These features and more are available to Tulip users in release 209 and above. To learn more about other features and changes in the most recent releases of Tulip, visit our community site for release notes, and our support site for resources. Want to learn more about a specific product feature? Reach out with questions.

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