In the recent releases (197 and 198) of the Tulip platform, we have fixed several issues that have been found in the platform. In addition to fixes, production release 198 of Tulip brings a new feature: generating barcodes in Tulip apps.

New Feature: Render Barcodes

You now have the ability to generate Barcodes in the app builder under the embedded menu. This replaces the need to use an external tool. Once you select a barcode, you can drag and drop to resize it, and adjust the positioning in your app. The data source for the barcode can be pulled from a Variable, Static Value, Table Record.

In an example, we used prebuilt modules from a Job Module app and added a barcode for the selected table record. Adding a barcode to the app can enable an end-user to scan a terminal to select a job and pull up information about that job on their own mobile device. An end-user could pull up work instructions for a complex assembly, or locate parts for picking.

Other Fixes and Changes

Release 197

  • Transitioning in a step open trigger completes the remaining step open triggers
  • UI is visible when searching for tables with special characters
  • Connectors can now run with no user
  • Multiple CA certificates are allowed in LDAP configurations
  • App imports including tables with table links have been fixed
  • Options in Machine Analysis Builder have been restored
  • A bug with audit data for record creation has been fixed
  • Hover information for embedded analysis widgets has been improved

Release 198

  • Form triggers can now be copied
  • Record placeholder table dropdown is now searchable
  • Table record modifications are trackable in analytics
  • Azure URLs are signed in CSV export
  • Print Steps will always print in the correct order
  • Fixed “Yesterday” filter and timezone issues with machine and table analyses
  • Timestamp filters work for dynamic analyses
  • Overflow text in table cells is properly rendered
  • Default DMG Mori Machine triggers have been corrected
  • Machine triggers always run in the correct order

These features and more are available to Tulip users in release 198 and above. To learn more about other additions and fixes with the most recent releases of Tulip, visit our community site for release notes, and our support site for resources. Want to learn more about a specific product feature? Reach out with questions.