With the latest production release 196 of Tulip we are bringing users access to new features, UI updates, and a few bug fixes. Today we are introducing new vision capabilities, available now in an open Beta to our users.

  • Vision Capabilities (Beta): Integrate visual change and jig detectors into your Tulip apps
  • User Settings: The “User” navigation bar link has been changed to live in the settings menu
  • Custom Machine Activity Fields and More: More flexibility with machine types

Vision Capabilities


Now available in Beta to all Tulip Accounts, Vision turns off-the-shelf cameras into powerful sensors that detect motions and objects in space and capture events, material movements, and more. Use Vision in an app’s triggers to build powerful, complex workflows that record events, provide real-time feedback, and incorporate logic to streamline workflows. Add vision capabilities gradually, remotely, and more easily with flexible, no-code configurations.

The new Vision capabilities include change detectors and jig detectors with more detectors in the pipeline. These capabilities build on the previously available barcode and QR code reading capabilities. New potential use cases include pick-to-light, material flow, automatic data collection, time studies, and quality assurance use cases.

Jig Detection

With support for most off-the-shelf cameras, the jig detector allows users to print and affix specialized stickers to items to detect movement such as the arrival of material.

Get started with Jig Detection


Change Detection

With the Change Detector, users can define regions and detect changes such as hand movements, for use cases such as pick-to-light. Change Detection requires a specific depth camera at this time.

Get started with Change Detection


Tulip’s human-centric approach to vision technology enables you to augment your workflows and adds a new layer for innovation on the shop floor. We are excited to work with our existing customers in refining vision capabilities in Tulip and to create a robust library of features and use cases.

Get started with Vision →

User Settings

In this release, we have moved the home of the user settings menu. Previously living in the top navigation bar of the Tulip platform, it now lives under the settings menu in a dedicated space.


  • You can now create custom machine activity fields in machine types for further flexibility with machine monitoring.
  • In Tables, videos are now supported by URL type, in addition to uploaded videos.
  • Linked Records in tables, a feature from release 195, is available to all customers.

These features and more are available to Tulip users in release 196 and above. To learn more about other additions and fixes with the most recent releases of Tulip, visit our community site for release notes, and our support site for resources. Want to learn more about a specific product feature? Reach out with questions.