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New features!

Here at Tulip, we are constantly building upon our platform to enable users to create the most value with the apps that they use every day in productions. With our product release 191, we are bringing a powerful new tool for data analytics, alongside a handful of small fixes to improve the experience of using Tulip. First up:

Filtering dynamic analyses in apps

With dynamic analyses, it is now very easy to create interactive machine monitoring dashboards and dynamic widgets. You can easily filter and sort data within variables and widgets by machine type, stations, users, and arrays.

When you add analysis to an app, just look to the right-hand side in the app editor to find edit analysis and filter options (screenshot below)


Get started with dynamic analyses →

More updates and changes

With release 191, we added a few more things:

  • You can now easily create an IP Allowlist for Tulip and the Tulip Player.
  • In the Tulip Player, you can now rotate and flip the camera
  • The Tulip Player now runs in Safari browsers on iPhone and iPad OS. This exciting new support feature is currently in beta!

To learn more about other additions and fixes with the most recent releases of Tulip, visit our community site for release notes and resources. Want to learn more about a specific product feature? Reach out with questions.