Updates to Machine Monitoring

Tulip makes it easy for you to connect and monitor the status of the machines in your shop. To streamline this process, we are making it easier for you to manage downtime reasons, attributes, and machine states from a centralized place in Tulip.

With this update, you can see which machine types are linked to each machine, ensuring that all of your machines are connected properly when building your apps.


Once you have set up an OPC UA connector for your machine tags in Tulip, we have a great guide to walk you through how to take full advantage of this newest feature.

This update to managing machine states is joined by several other small changes and fixes in releases 187 and 188 of Tulip (available now!)

A few of the other changes and fixes include:

  • Operators can now be created in Tulip via an external service using the new operator API
  • New user roles specifically for executives in your company
  • New variables: Current Step Cycle Time and App Cycle Time
  • Changes steps dynamically with the new “Go To Step By Name” and “Complete App and Go To Step by Name”

We are excited to see how these changes to the Tulip platform can improve workflows. To learn more about other additions and fixes to the platform, visit our community site for release notes and resources. Need help getting started with these features? Reach out with questions.