What’s new

Applications are core to the Tulip platform. These out-of-the-box apps were built by Tulip for our users, with many different use cases in mind. You can configure them with easy setup guides, or customize them further to meet your needs with the endless capabilities of the Tulip app editor. We regularly release new apps to the library and are excited to share what’s new:

  • ERP Interface App with Microsoft Dynamics

  • Vision Unit Tests

  • Pick to Light with Vision

  • Material Request

  • BOM Management

  • Material Backflush System

  • Google Drive Unit Test

  • Photo Gallery

ERP Interface App with Microsoft Dynamics

The ERP Interface App with Microsoft Dynamics enables bi-directional communication between Microsoft Dynamics and Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform.

Vision Unit Tests

The Vision Unit Tests make it easy to get started with Tulip’s no-code computer vision. Easily configure and experiment with change detection and jig detection.

Pick to Light with Vision

The Pick-to-Light app guides operators through picking activities with native computer vision and visual indicators with Tulip’s Light Kit.

Material Request

The Material Request app centralizes material requests into a single, easy-to-use system.

BOM Management

The BOM Management app provides an easy mechanism for managing a bill of materials.

Material Backflush System

The Material Backflush app enables end-users to automatically adjust inventory quantities for components when an assembled part is added to inventory.

Google Drive Unit Test

The Google Drive Unit Test enables end-users to create, read, and edit Google Drive files that they have access to.

The Photo Gallery app enables end-users to store photos and videos to a single reference item that can be viewed in a slideshow or gallery.

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Getting Started

More on the Library: To learn more about Library releases and apps, view all of the announcements at our community site. Want to learn more about a specific product feature? Reach out with questions.

Get Started Today: If you are not a Tulip customer, don’t worry! You can sign up for a free trial and download an app to see the product and understand its core functionality.