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Applications are core to the Tulip platform. The Tulip Library contains out-of-the-box apps that were built by Tulip for our users, with many use cases in mind. You can configure them to meet your needs, or customize them further with the endless capabilities of the Tulip app builder. We release new apps to the library on a bi-weekly cadence and are excited to share the 14th release of apps and updates:

  • Equipment Logbook App Suite: Create a digital equipment logbooks solution
  • M365 Excel Unit Test: Connect and pull data from your Excel

Equipment Logbook App Suite


The Equipment Logbook App Suite shows how to use multiple Tulip apps and a shared data structure to create a digital logbook solution. Configure the app suite to reflect your equipment and processes.

The Equipment App Suite contains 4 apps:

  • Equipment Management – Add, edit, and disable equipment selections for the equipment logbook app.
  • Logbook Management – Add, edit, and disable logbook fields.
  • Equipment Logbook app – Guide end-users through adding and correcting logbook entries, including equipment statuses.
  • Equipment Logbook Review - Review logbook entries and visualize progress with real-time dashboards.

Try the Equipment Logbook App Suite here →

M365 Excel Unit Test


The M365 Excel Unit Test allows you to connect and pull data from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into Tulip. You can add a new worksheet, look up specific cell values, create tables in the worksheet, and clear worksheets.

Try the M365 Excel Unit Test app here →

Getting Started

More on the Library: To learn more about Library releases and apps, view all of the announcements at our community site. Want to learn more about a specific product feature? Reach out with questions.

Get Started Today: If you are not already a Tulip customer, don’t worry! You can sign up for a free trial and download an app to see the product and understand its core functionality.