What’s new:

Applications are core to the Tulip platform. These out-of-the-box apps were built by Tulip for our users, with many different use cases in mind. You can configure them to meet your needs, or customize them further with the endless capabilities of the Tulip app builder. We release new apps to the library on a bi-weekly cadence and are excited to share the 11th release of apps and updates:

  • Kanban System: Simple kanban application for material replenishment
  • CAPA Management: Report quality events and CAPAs

Kanban System


The Kanban System app provides a framework for creating a system for material management. Define “Kanban loops” consisting of any number of bins/cards to create a replenishment relationship between customer entities and supplier entities.

Try the Kanban System app here →

CAPA Management


The CAPA Management App allows you to capture quality events and CAPAs. Assign the appropriate people to each event and require certain fields as the event moves throughout different states of the investigation process.

Try the CAPA Management app here →

Getting Started

More on the Library: To learn more about Library releases and apps, view all of the announcements at our community site. Want to learn more about a specific product feature? Reach out with questions.

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