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Applications are core to the Tulip platform. These out-of-the-box apps were built by Tulip for our users, with many different use cases in mind. You can configure them to meet your needs, or customize them further with the endless capabilities of the Tulip app builder. We release new apps to the library on a bi-weekly cadence and are excited to share the 10th release of apps and updates:

  • Machine Monitoring App: Various small changes on job information/notes and the UI
  • Andon: Visual updates to the andon apps
  • Messenger App: New messenger feature to be used as a standalone app or embedded in other apps
  • Digital Stopwatch: Digitally track time against a job, or any kind of activity
  • Static Work Instruction: Build quick and easy work instructions from a template
  • Process Engineer (Mobile): Mobile application for process engineers (or other production support staff) to stay connected to their cells
  • Quality Event Dashboard: See the high-level metrics of quality events such as total pending events, newly created events, and a level one pareto of reason codes on a dashboard
  • Simple Logbook: Record changes to your equipment

Machine Monitoring App


  • Remove job information
  • Expand on Job Notes
  • Add ‘Channel’ column to Notes table
  • Add ‘Note ID’ to Stations table
  • UI Changes
  • Change to use ‘At this station’ where applicable
  • Add distinct sections to add parts / defects / change production rate

Try the updated Machine Monitoring app here →


Digital Andon Monitoring / Digital Andon System

Visual updates to the Andon apps.

Try the updated Digital Andon Monitoring app here →
Try the updated Digital Andon System app here →

Messenger App

Enhance communication by sending messages back and forth to certain recipients in your shop floor network. Mark messages as read and respond easily right in the app.

Try the new Messenger app here →

Digital Stopwatch

Track start time, end time, and duration of a job as it moves throughout your production line.

Try the new Digital Stopwatch here →

Static Work Instruction

Connects to Jobs & Products but is used to display static work instruction step contains its own set of content.

Try the Static Work Instructions app here →

Process Engineer (Mobile)

This application is more of a framework than a fully fleshed-out application (some of the buttons are for demonstration purposes only). It showcases what a mobile application might look like and how a process engineer (or other production support staff) might want to use Tulip to stay connected to their cells.

Try the new Process Engineer (Mobile) app here →

Quality Event Dashboard

This displays the events logged by the Quality Event Form.

Try the Quality Event Dashboard here →

Simple Logbook

Use this app to record changes to equipment.

Try the Simple Logbook app here →

Getting Started

More on the Library: To learn more about Library releases and apps, view all of the announcements at our community site.

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