We’re excited to announce new features in Tulip Vision that can be used to guide, measure, and improve operations. Tulip Vision combines the latest advances in human-centered computer vision with no-code apps to improve quality. Previously, Tulip offered Change Detection and 2D Jig Detection.


"We've been using Tulip Vision to streamline text collection with OCR reading and save our operators from tedious, time-consuming data entry. We've also been able to track efficiency with the use of jigs on our station fixtures and use that data to drive continuous improvement projects. Compared to other things we’ve tried, Tulip Vision is much easier to set up and adjust."

Dwayne Orth World Class Industries

Computer vision use cases

OCR Reading

Optical character recognition (OCR) features allow off-the-shelf cameras to read and identify characters such as serial numbers. In addition, OCR can be used with external APIs.

Barcode Reading

Utilize your existing vision cameras for scanning barcodes, QR codes, and other data matrices without any additional hardware.

Orientation Detection

With 3D jig marker detection, alerts can be created to ensure the correct usage and orientation of tools and parts.

Color Detection

The new color detection feature enables engineers to identify color and changes in regions. Color detection can be used with triggers to automate an action when a bin or material has entered a region under the camera.

Connections to Machine Learning APIs

Using data collected by Tulip Vision, you can now train machine learning models in external, industry-leading cloud Vision APIs such as:

  • Google Vision API

  • Amazon Lookout for Vision API

Capture Snapshots in Vision

Capture snapshots of the current view of a Vision camera to enhance visual inspection or build an ML/AI model. Snapshots can be captured in Vision as a device action, enabling you to trigger them based on an event.

Support for IP Cameras

Tulip Vision now supports the use of IP cameras in addition to USB cameras for detectors that do not require depth cameras.


Most new vision capabilities are now available to Tulip customers. Some capabilities will be available soon.

Questions about Vision?

Contact us to learn more about how to get started with Tulip Vision.

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