Generative AI gained intense interest across the globe in 2022 with the emergence of ChatGPT. Since then, a report shows 60% of executives in the pharmaceutical industry have already transitioned from planning to implementing generative AI in proof-of-concept projects. Some manufacturers are already reporting a reduction in supply chain management errors by 20-50%, warehousing costs by 5-10%, and administration costs by 25-40%. The benefits are so transformative that every company is racing to integrate generative AI into their manufacturing strategy, otherwise they risk falling behind their competitors.

To address the need for practical applications of generative AI, Tulip now provides Frontline Copilot™.

What is Frontline Copilot™?

Frontline Copilot™ is a suite of AI tools designed to answer questions, interact with your data, and provide real-time support to your manufacturing operations.

With Frontline Copilot™, you will be able to:

  • Augment frontline operators: Every operator can now have a manufacturing assistant a button away in their Tulip app to help troubleshoot or answer questions before seeking help from a supervisor. With relevant documents such as SOPs and machine manuals provided, Frontline Copilot™ will learn and provide specific answers to the operator as well as links to the referenced text.

  • Gain operational insights: Generative AI summarizes Table data and brings you deep insights into your production processes. By prompting Frontline Copilot™, you can learn how accurate your weigh and dispense operations are, what the average time to complete a line clearance was in December, or what the top 3 most common errors are in an area.

  • Provide more accessibility: Manufacturers with a multilingual workforce at a site or globally can now translate the same app in seconds using any of the 29 languages supported by Tulip. Provide speech-to-text to allow operators to enter information faster.

  • Accelerate app building (Coming Soon): With prompting, Generative AI will automate several steps in the app-building process to save your team valuable time and let you deploy apps faster.

What makes Frontline Copilot™ unique?

  • Frontline Copilot™ is made for manufacturing: Frontline Copilot™ uses production data to help frontline workers understand data better and automate tasks, engineers simplify app development, Learn and managers make better decisions with real-time insights.

  • Frontline Copilot™ is easy to set up: These native AI capabilities are native to the Tulip platform and don't require any coding experience, making solution building effortless, fast, and efficient.

  • Frontline Copilot™ is seamless: Frontline Copilot™ is embedded within the apps operators are already using, saving time from switching between apps or interfaces and providing faster responses.

  • Frontline Copilot ™ will not hallucinate: Rather than providing potentially incorrect information, our AI models will transparently admit when they don't have the answer. We believe that "I don't know" is a superior response to fabricated responses.

  • Your Production Data is Safe: Client data is isolated and protected: Our customers trust Tulip, and we make sure that when we build these AI services, we never compromise their data or share it with other customers.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re new to the platform, schedule a demo. If you’re an existing customer, talk to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

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