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Pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical devices companies turn to Tulip for use cases spanning training, work instructions, line clearance, logbooks, history records, quality control, and batch/device release. With newly released GxP features in the Tulip platform, it is easier than ever for manufacturers subject to regulatory compliance to take advantage of digital transformation.

The Tulip Platform includes prebuilt apps that you can use to understand the ins and outs of the platform for that use case and how easy it is to get started with building no-code apps in GxP environments. Other resources like Tulip University and our Knowledge Base cover more in-depth topics that can support you in your Tulip journey.

Let’s take a look at electronic signatures in Tulip. This feature was built using the Tulip platform and is designed for GxP environments and is 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliant.

Creating an eSignature Step in the App Editor

To get started with eSignatures, in the Tulip app editor, you will find an option to create a signature step under the Inputs button. At any point during the app, you can add an electronic signature that is required by the operator to move on or complete an app.

eSignature Step on a Cleaning Logbook App

Electronic signatures can require any operator to sign off on an action, require only a specific user to complete the form, or require multiple users to provide an eSignature. You can also set the forms to require any user except the current logged in end-user to sign off on a form.

This ensures that the correct end-users for your procedures are signing off on completed work.

In addition, the completions tab of the Tulip app editor records all signatures entered, with details about the time of completion and the operators.

App Completions on a Cleaning Logbook App

Watch more about eSignatures in our logbook example app:

To get started with a logbooks app on your own, visit our template app in the Tulip Library and take our course on Tulip University.

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