Digital logbooks make it easy to view records of tasks performed without the need for unnecessary pieces of paper and calculations. No-code apps in the Tulip Library make logbooks simple. With our out-of-the-box Logbooks applications, combine equipment logs with guided workflows, electronic signatures, and easy-to-use history records. Minimize the burden of a compliance-driven activity and turn logbooks into valuable sources of information.

Manage multiple pieces of equipment

The Equipment Logbooks App Suite comes with an Equipment Management app and Logbook Management app that makes it easy for engineers to add, edit, or disable equipment. Specific equipment can be assigned required checks or instructions for end-users to follow during an inspection or cleaning.

Guide end-users through equipment checks

The Equipment Logbook app guides end-users through the process of adding logbook entries, updating equipment status, and reporting deviations. This app can be configured with multimedia files to guide end-users on reporting the exact information they need. Easily add requirements like photo captures or descriptions in the app.

Require electronic signatures

With Tulip, it is easy to add electronic signatures to apps. Require end-users or specific authorized users to sign off on a log before proceeding. Apps record a history of electronic signatures with details about the specific operator and timestamps for automatic data validation.

View a detailed history record

Tulip’s native history record capabilities make it easy to browse and filter logged data to find exactly what information you need when you need it. Review logbook entries and visualize progress with real-time dashboards in the Equipment Logbook Review app. Eliminate the need for paper and gain context into logs with app and operator details. Learn more about Tulip’s GxP and Compliance features →

With Logbooks apps, it is easy to get started managing digital logbooks and reduce the need for unnecessary paper records. Download apps, connectors, and templates, and browse connected devices in the Tulip Library to get started transforming your frontline operations.

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Eliminate paper-based records from your production process with digital logbook apps.

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