Improvements to the Record History Widget

Release 205 of the Tulip platform is here, bringing improvements to the Record History Widget, new trigger actions, and more.

Record History Widget Improvements

With this release, several small improvements have been made to the record history widget. To read more about the Record History Widget and how to use it, visit the support article Using the Record History Widget to View Changes to Table Records →
*Note: Record History Widget is not enabled by default on all Tulip accounts. Please contact us at for more information.

New Trigger Actions

  • Reset all app variables

  • Save all apps data

  • Clear all record placeholders

Features and Improvements

  • “Is In” filter can be used inTable Query filters
  • Added an option to not save placeholders on completion
  • Account setting option to log out operator when Player is closed

  • reference in the expression editor tooltip is now clickable

  • Improvements to Text Static Values in the expression editor

  • Array function “Add after index in Array” has been renamed to “Insert at index in Array” to better reflect functionality

  • Table link fields have a more user-friendly appearance

  • Removed date and time widgets from form steps

  • Performance improvements for Player

  • Performance improvements for rendering attribute timelines on the Machine page

  • Machine widgets can now use Tulip Table machine fields

  • Updated translations and new language options: Simplified Chinese and Polish

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inconsistent timezones in the variable widget

  • Changing user roles functions correctly

  • Inactivity timeout continues counting even when the Player is closed

  • Last “N” working days filter in Analytics functions correctly

  • Image scaling issues when the Player is in portrait mode have been resolved

These features and more are available to Tulip users in release 205 and above. To learn more about other additions and fixes with the most recent releases of Tulip, visit our community site for full release notes, and our support site for resources. Want to learn more about a specific product feature? Reach out with questions.