We're excited to announce Automations are now rolling out in Open Beta to all teams using Tulip, bringing you a powerful way to streamline your workflows and processes in a whole new capacity. With Automations’ new visual logic builder, you can trigger actions based on events, design complex workflows to run logic outside of apps, and respond faster to things happening in your operations with fewer resources.

In the world of operations, important events happen continuously, making it overwhelming or even impossible to keep up. This can result in production problems and missed opportunities for process improvements. Automations are always listening for key events and executing user-defined logic workflows. The best part? Automations run in the background and don't rely on an application running continuously, allowing you to implement your workflows seamlessly.

Blocks of logic, working together.

Building logic in Automations is easy, with three main types of logic blocks. Event blocks serve as the triggers to start for your Automations, while decision blocks employ conditional logic to determine when Tulip will take action. Finally, action blocks enable you to utilize connector functions for integrations with other systems, update tables, send emails, and much more.


If you already had your hands on Automations, we are excited to bring Run Connector Functions action to the Open Beta. This action block is your gateway to tapping into our vast library of connectors, and your team’s custom integrations to unlock new possibilities for pushing and pulling data, and simplifying your apps with standalone logic.

What to expect

The Open Beta for Tulip Automations will be available until early 2024.

When you get access to Automations, you will soon have the ability to track your usage on a new account usage page in the settings menu.

If you don't have access yet, don't worry! We're actively rolling out Automations to all accounts over the coming weeks, and if you can't wait, let us know by emailing automations@tulip.co and we'll expedite it.

To help you explore and master the potential of Automations, we've prepared challenges on Tulip University. These will guide you through building simple use cases with Automations (each taking under 5 minutes!) or empower you to share them with your team of app builders to test their skills.

Still want more information? Our Knowledge Base is ready to provide you with further insights into Automations. Visit our Automations documentation to dive deep into the capabilities and functionalities, and explore some popular use cases.

At Tulip, we're continuously dedicated to improving our platform for frontline operators. As part of this commitment, we invite you to join our usability testing program. By participating, you'll get exclusive access to upcoming features in our pipeline and have a direct influence on shaping their functionality. If you're interested, simply fill out this form, and a member of our product design team will reach out to schedule a 30 minute feedback session whenever there's a new feature that aligns with your interests.

We're super excited to witness how Automations will help you simplify apps and use Tulip in new ways across your operation.