Do you know what happens on your shop floor?

Gain real-time visibility with apps that collect data from the people, machines, and sensors throughout your factory. Visualize your data on dashboards to inform decision making.

Elevate productivity

Uncover opportunities to improve your operations with better data.

Follow your production line

Traceability enables accountability and engagement throughout your shop floor.

Make data-driven decisions

Quickly resolve issues and take proactive measures based on data, not guesswork.

Everything that happens on your shop floor is live.

Uncover opportunities to increase efficiency, turn tribal knowledge into shared knowledge, and shed light on the invisible factory with Visibility Apps.

Give operators, engineers, and managers a view into your operations.

With production visibility apps and dashboards, you can track your KPIs in real-time, wherever you are. At a glance, you can monitor production status, cycle time, and more.

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Optimize production by identifying and solving bottlenecks in real-time.

Calculate cycle time and first-pass yield data for a full picture of your operation’s productivity. Minimize downtime by properly balancing work across stations.

Check out the apps in the Tulip Library >

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