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Gain control of quality escapes and costs

Error-proof inspection steps, track defects and rework, and ensure only high-quality materials and parts move downstream.

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  • Ensure work is done right the first time

    New and expert operators alike need to remember the correct way to build an assembly, document a step, or pick the right materials. Guide operators through steps and data entry with interactive, intuitive work instruction apps.

  • Leverage ingenuity and performance data to maximize productivity

    Your teams on the frontline of operations understand where inefficiencies exist. Pair engineers with operators to identify, implement, and iterate on solutions that streamline operations — in days, not months.

  • Eliminate paper, manual data entry, and switching screens

    Today’s workforce has expectations when it comes to digital solutions. Cut out unnecessary friction points; reduce software clicks; and connect sensors, scales, and scanners to automate data capture.

Augment the frontline of operations with connected apps

  • Mockup of Rotor Assembly Defect Tracking Application

    Digital Work Instructions

    Provide step-by-step instructions for completing tasks such as assembly, inspection, maintenance, and cleaning. Cut cycle times and nonconformances.

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  • Digital Work Instructions_Device_Mock_Up


    Help operators pick the correct materials to complete an order. Add a pick-to-light system to enhance guidance and computer vision to ensure adherence.

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  • Mockup of Visual Quality Inspection Application

    Operator Training

    Shorten the ramp-up time for new operators and upskill time for experienced operators with detailed guidance. Capture the knowledge of your go-to operator mentors.

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Go Beyond “Paper-on-Glass”

  • Rapid Edit Functionality and Deployment Cycles

    Empower engineers and supervisors on the frontline to build and edit apps. Use testing and approval workflows for fast and safe publishing.

  • Open API for a Single, Intuitive Frontend

    Shield operators from cumbersome UIs by pulling and pushing data to ERPs, MES, and other systems — whether cloud-based or on-prem.

  • Real-Time Performance Data

    Gain insights into key metrics such as cycle time and training time to establish benchmarks on which to improve.

  • Automatic Data Capture

    Reduce the mental burden for operators and ensure data integrity by collecting data directly from machines and sensors.

  • Camera-Based Assistance

    Enrich picking and tracking procedures with camera-based assistance. Automate inspection steps with AI-powered tools.

  • Ability to Use Your Own Devices

    Display apps and dashboards on computers, tablets, mobile devices, and headsets.

How Companies Use Tulip

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  • boat-trailer-stock-photo-portrait

    Luxury Jeweler Improves Productivity by 18%

    Learn how a luxury jewelry company improved its productivity by 18% by using Tulip to conduct industrial time studies.

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  • Customer-Photo-DMG-MORI-9

    Sharp Packaging Achieves 30% Faster Processes

    Learn how Sharp Packaging implemented guided work instructions and saw improvements in quality and training.

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