COVID-19 Pandemic

Tulip is committed to supporting the front-line worker on the manufacturing floor and in the medical field. At this critical time, we’re happy to offer support to all manufacturers and open source manufacturing efforts contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

If this is you, email and we’ll be in touch.

Page last updated: April 7, 2020, 3:32 PM

How Tulip is supporting manufacturers in the fight against COVID-19

Illustration of a doctor wearing face shield, mask, and gloves and holding a tablet.

1. Manufacturing app consulting services

Tulip’s customer solutions team has first hand experience leading digital transformations in manufacturing across industry, including regulated medical device and pharmaceutical environments. They’ll partner with you to support training, use case consultation, app building and continuous improvement activities needed to ramp production fast and reliably.

2. Free use of Tulip’s manufacturing app platform

We will provide access and use of the Tulip platform at no cost to help companies produce new products, increase production volumes, and bring therapies faster to market. Tulip’s app platform is GMP ready and is validated for use in regulatory environments.

How We Can Help

Here are some of the ways our team has been focusing on helping with the effort against COVID-19.

Learn more about ways we can help here.

Maskson Scuba Masks & Tulip App

Supporting Rapid, Remote Production and Distribution of Critical Medical Supplies is an open source effort emerging to meet the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) demands of front line medical service providers. Tulip began working with on March 27th and as of April 3rd, we have fully deployed an information system to coordinate the efforts of manufacturers and couriers to get critical medical supplies delivered to clinicians and hospitals. As of April 6th, we have almost 400 PPE delivered via the system, and counting. Learn more.

COVID-19 App Bundle – Protect Your People

Hospitals, manufacturing facilities and essential services around the US are struggling to maintain operations while controlling and ensuring a safe work environment for the employees and staff. 

Tulip lean experts built three apps; a mobile app for employees, a checkpoint app for the entrance/exit to facilities, and a facilities management app. Learn more.

A Letter from our CEO

Supporting the manufacturing community in the face of COVID-19

Here in Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker just announced a ‘stay-at-home’ policy through April 7th, stating that all non-essential businesses and services must close. Many states and cities across America are following similar measures. Right now, critical manufacturing is an essential service.

Medical supply manufacturers are working day and night to ramp up their production, while manufacturers across the US (and the world) are shifting their production lines in service of this effort. Like many others, we have been incredibly proud of the manufacturing community’s unwavering commitment to public health. At Tulip, we are doing our part.

If you are contributing to open source manufacturing efforts, or are a medical supply manufacturer who needs to scale up production or retool your production line to support the fight against COVID-19, our team will provide our software and services for free.

  • We will provide access and use of the Tulip platform to help increase production volumes and bring therapies faster to market.
  • Our team will quickly build and deploy custom applications that create training sequences and work instructions.
  • Our software is GMP ready and validated for use in regulated environments.
  • Our team of lean manufacturing experts, process engineers, and application developers are on call to provide remote training, use case consultation, workshops, and any other support that your team may need.
  • We can deploy Tulip apps that screen visitors and frontline workers for symptoms to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in their organizations

When it comes to manufacturing therapies, personal protective equipment, ventilators, sanitizer, test kits and other critical medical supplies, what matters most right now is balancing quality and speed. And I believe that Tulip is uniquely situated to help. For manufacturers, that means quickly designing and deploying new compliant processes. Many regulated manufacturing systems aren’t set up for this kind of rapid shift in production. Tulip makes adjusting and shifting production easier by ensuring quality while eliminating long development cycles. Our focus is supporting your operations to help you get production up faster.

Two months ago, the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading around the world. This is not a national problem, it is a global problem. No one has a playbook for how to respond, and while it can feel chaotic and stressful, we are clear about our goals at Tulip. We are committed to keeping our people safe and well, maintaining our business, and supporting our customers and the manufacturing community as we all work together to fight COVID-19.

To any manufacturing company that is ramping production to fight COVID-19, we are here for you. If you think we can help, we offer our service at no charge. Please contact us at

All my best,

Natan Linder
Co-founder & CEO