Jet Turbine Assembly in the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Tulip helps aerospace and defense manufacturers with their digital transformation.

High cost of quality and rigid legacy systems make aerospace and defence manufacturing a challenge.

Everything that goes into making an aircraft has to meet stringent process and quality controls. Any compromise on quality, which in other industries could be inconvenient, can be fatal. Requirements for safety and consistency are straining current technology stacks. “Top down” software solutions aren’t flexible enough to control costs and increase efficiency, and they aren’t suited to contexts with high-mix assembly and frequent machine changeover. Continuous improvement requires high quality data, and static paper forms aren’t responsive enough to capture critical production information in real-time.

Jet Turbine Assembly in the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Existing systems are too rigid

Compliance drains productivity

High cost of quality

Paper-based data collection is slow and imprecise

Tulip Frontline Operations Apps simplify even the most complex assemblies, eliminating errors and improving productivity.

Tulip digital work instructions guide workers through complex assemblies, reducing errors and rework while improving quality and yield. Electronic signatures, audit logs, and part tracking reduce the burden of compliance. And automatic data collection makes it possible to identify inefficiencies and identify bottlenecks before they happen.

Error-proof complex assemblies.

Media-rich work instructions with IoT device integrations help enforce eliminate errors and enforce quality in-line.

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Make seamless compliance an inherent part of your digital transformation.

Tulip digital forms enable aerospace and defense manufacturers to capture quality data from operators and machines in real time and provide unparalleled visibility to production engineers for root cause analysis and process optimization.

Gain real-time visibility into quality and production information.

Deploy dashboards to track products produced, defects encountered or key real-time KPIs.

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Aerospace and Defense Customer Testimonial

Reduce cycle times while improving yield.

Using Tulip apps, Thales Avionics saw a 25% percent reduction in cycles times and a proportional increase in yield.

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