Meet the Workstation of the future.

The Smart Workstation does more for your team. Ergonomic, sensor-rich and app-ready — it’s a better way to manufacture.


Tulip Bosch Smart Workstation

Unleash productivity with app-enabled workbenches

More efficient workspace means more efficient teams. With the Smart Workstation, your team can apply lean philosophy with ergonomics to do more, faster and better.

Operator using touchscreen Tulip app at a bench


All workstations are built to order, so you can customize it to fit your needs.

Ready to deploy

The workstation comes ready to use out of the box.

IoT enabled

The workstation comes with all the sensors you need to start enabling IoT on your shop floor.

Tulip process on a bench with IoT torque driver

Reduce mistakes with IoT powered assembly guidance

The operator-centric bench comes retrofitted with all the hardware you need to enable IoT on your shop floor and it is compatible with a growing number of Bosch devices.

See our device library

Bosch ID 200

Bosch ID200

Integrate RFID codes into your apps for easy identification and data storage in your processes.

Bosch Nexo

Connect this cordless screwdriver with integrated control and power electronics seamlessly into your apps to perform to your exact specifications every time.

Bosch XDK 110

Bosch XKD110

Monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity to ensure they remain within quality thresholds.

Capture granular and actionable real-time data

Collect real-time data such as cycle-time, first pass yield and other metrics that let you continuously improve.

  • Bosch Smart Workstation with Tulip I/O Gateway and Light Kit
  • Operator using Bosch Smart Workstation with Tulip I/O Gateway and Light Kit

Built to fit your needs

The Smart Workstation combines Bosch’s manual production system with Tulip’s Manufacturing App Platform. The workstation is built to order and retrofitted with the hardware and software you need to meet your specific shop floor challenges, including:

The Smart Workstation combines the best of Bosch Rexroth and Tulip.

Tulip in alliance with Bosch Rexroth