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A Copilot for your Operations, Powered by AI

Tulip's AI copilot offers manufacturers a powerful tool for no-code asset building, deep data exploration, and more efficient, responsive operations, setting a new standard in manufacturing productivity and innovation.

Mack Molding Operator Interacting with Tulip
Building a digital work instructions app in Tulip's app editor

Empower your team to build the tools they need

From AI-assisted creation of assets, code completion, to automated testing and machine type generation, Tulip empowers users to build and customize the tools they need, setting a new standard in low-code, high-impact solutions.

TEC Quality Inspection Anomaly Detection

Give your apps the power of vision

production floor dashboard TEC

AI-driven data analysis for agile manufacturing insights

Dive deeper into your production data with transformative AI tools to swiftly query databases, identify trends, and draw meaningful insights. With intuitive Prompt-to-Query and Prompt-to-Visualization tools, our platform brings powerful data analytics to your fingertips, integrating seamlessly with your workflows to accelerate and enhance decision-making.

A true copilot for frontline workers

From real-time SOP lookups, sentiment analysis, voice interaction, to intuitive data classification, our platform equips operators with a multilingual internal knowledge base and dynamic assistance, transforming how they interact with apps, report defects, and navigate information — all in a single, natural sentence.