Your entire manufacturing operation, in one place

Gain real-time production visibility and guide your workers with a collection of customizable and extensible apps, built on Tulip


No Code Needed

Customize the whole system without a single line of code. Use our drag-and-drop platform to deploy your apps in no time.

Collect Analytics Automatically

Continuously track critical metrics like cycle time, defect rate, total inventory and work order status from day one.

Fast Time to Value

Each app can function independently or alongside other bundled apps. Apps can be removed or modified seamlessly.

What’s Included in the Bundle

Digitize your operations from raw inputs to finished goods with these 6 apps

Inventory Management

  • Add new inventory via operator input or barcode scan.
  • Track all of it in a Table and see real-time inventory amounts.
  • Receive SMS or Email alerts when inventory is low.

Work Order Creation

  • Create and manage work orders.
  • Automatically generate pick lists based on inventory available.
  • Direct operators to next steps

Operator Terminal

  • Display relevant work instructions for each work order.
  • Automatically deduct parts from inventory based on Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Easily report defects and alert supervisors via email or SMS.

Supervisor Terminal

  • See real-time status of all work orders.
  • Track average cycle time for each station and operator.
  • Learn about common reasons for scrap or rework.

Machine Terminal

  • Track uptime/downtime for each individual machine.
  • Discover common reasons for downtime.

Shop Floor Dashboard

  • Create and share an interactive dashboard with real-time metrics of your shop floor.
  • Allow any operator or engineer to see key statistics for the past day, week or month.

Accelerating operations is a team effort.

Collaborate with your team to drive your factory forward.

For Operators

Engages operators to work faster, increase the quality of their output, and receive objective, timely feedback to fulfill their potential.

For Supervisors

Simplify and enforce standard operating procedures, spread tribal knowledge, and collect data that helps improve operations.

For Leadership

Have visibility of operations, provide data-driven feedback to their team, and ensure continuous improvement

Automatically track these KPIs across your shop floor

Learn more about Tulip Analytics

Analytics Dashboard

Live Time Studies

Control cycle times for every operation on your line

Live Defect Reporting

Learn about common defects by user, day, or product

Track Progress Against Goals

Set production goals and share progress with the whole team

Work Order Status

Track the status of every work order or product on your floor

Accelerate your digital transformation

Get a detailed tour of how Tulip’s platform can fit your needs.