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Tulip Est le premier à proposer des fonctionnalités multisites sur Frontline Operations avec Workspaces

La nouvelle fonctionnalité Workspaces permet le partage intersites des intégrations et des configurations de machines, ainsi que des fonctions améliorées de gestion des utilisateurs pour les entreprises.

BOSTON, MA - December 2, 2021 - Tulip becomes the first and only multisite, cloud-based, no-code platform for frontline operations. Recently, Tulip announced Workspaces, a new option within Tulip that allows enterprises to share and manage users, machines connectivity, systems integrations, and formatting across multiple sites and environments -- addressing issues around silos, inconsistencies, and lack of visibility.

Workspaces undercut traditional operations software by making it easy to add multiple sites to a single instance, and share resources and settings between the partitions. This approach provides new levels of control and permissions while enabling teams to share machine types, connectors to third-party systems, and more.

Each Workspace maintains its own collection of no-code apps, that can be built from scratch or downloaded from the Tulip Library for a specific solution. Production data is secured and separated between Workspaces to ensure data integrity.

In addition to managing multisite operations, Tulip customers are using Workspaces to create training and staging environments for their applications and data. Production data can be separated, enabling operators and engineers to safely build, test, and experiment with apps, tables, and connectors while minimizing disruptions of their day-to-day operations.

Tulip’s cloud-based approach ensures that data segregation and security are a priority. Workspace administrators have extensive control over role-based permissions and authorization, ensuring sensitive data is secure. Users can be managed and assigned to specific sites with any of Tulip’s 13+ user roles.

Workspaces is available now to Tulip’s enterprise customers.

À propos de Tulip Interfaces

Tulip, the leader in frontline operations, is empowering companies to improve the productivity of their frontline workforce, the quality of their output, and the efficiency of their operations. With Tulip’s no-code platform, companies can empower those closest to operations to digitally transform their operations and gain real-time visibility into the people, tools, machines, and processes involved—all in a matter of days.

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