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Disruption is Here to Stay: What to Demand from your Manufacturing Software Vendor

Over recent years, the manufacturing technology landscape has fundamentally changed due to factors ranging from increased cloud adoption to the continued blurring of tech stacks. And now, as the “triple squeeze” of labor shortages, ongoing supply chain disruption, and inflation of raw materials drive major budget cuts, manufacturers are facing new and evolving challenges.

As traditional, service-heavy MESs have failed to adapt to these modern challenges, the way in which manufacturing leaders evaluate and purchase this type of technology must also change. In order to make the most of their team’s valuable time and resources, you must set forth new demands for manufacturing tech vendors— empowering you to lead with value and remain as agile as possible.

Join Jason Dietrich, Tulip’s Head of Commercial Operations, and Pablo Tosta, Tulip’s Head of Pre-Sales Engineering for a discussion on the ways in which the definition of MES is changing — and how you should adapt your expectations.

They’ll provide insights on:

  • Common challenges of traditional MES solutions in today’s evolving manufacturing landscape

  • What you should demand from your next-gen MES when it comes to time-to-value, scalability, user experience, and more

  • Specific questions you should ask vendors during the RFP process to get the most out of your investment


  • Jason Dietrich webinar speaker

    Jason Dietrich

    Head of Commercial Operations, Tulip

  • Pablo Tosta webinar speaker

    Pablo Tosta

    Head of Pre-Sales Engineering