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Revolutionizing Life Sciences Manufacturing with Digital Technologies

​​Leading life sciences manufacturers are increasingly using cloud-based digital technologies to help increase productivity, error-proof production, and expedite frontline operator training. If you were ever curious about how to take your operations to this next level, and what initial steps should be taken, then this virtual event is for you.​

In this final session of our 3-part series, we explore the benefits of using a cloud-based platform to overcome quality challenges. Experts from Teladoc Health, Tulip Interfaces, and Microsoft Azure will unpack the best practices and benefits of going from paper to digital based on real industry experiences.

Join Tulip and Microsoft to learn:

  • Why a step-by-step approach to implementing digital technology one application at a time enables future scalability.
  • How eliminating paper and migrating to digital workflows can create value quickly for your operators and business.
  • Why digital production tracking can allow for quicker root cause identification of errors and defects. And how Teladoc Health identified the root cause of an error through electronic device history records in a matter of weeks instead of months.
  • How cloud-based digital technologies such as Tulip and Microsoft Azure can help to bridge the gap between your data, connecting everything in one place, and giving you better visibility into your production.

Featuring Industry Experts

  • Rachel Shaw

    Customer Success Manager, Tulip

  • Yury Gomez

    WW Chief Commercial Officer, Process Industries, Microsoft

  • Greg Willis

    Sr. Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Teladoc Health