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On-Demand Webinar: Out-of-the-Box Manufacturing Apps with the Tulip Library

What if you could download an audit checklist app or apps to calculate takt time or track the line clearance process? Tulip sought to build a self-serve experience for manufacturing apps that matched the consumer-grade tech experience we all expect from our phones and smart home devices.

Take a coffee break and join Sarah Ackley from Tulip as she walks through the new Tulip Library. The first of its kind, the Tulip Library features easily configurable industrial apps, templates, and connectors to help manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation.

You’ll learn:

  • Out-of-the-Box Manufacturing Apps with the Tulip Library
  • What is available with the new Tulip Library
  • How Tulip collects ideas and best practices to build new apps, connectors, and more


  • Default Avatar Profile

    Sarah Ackley

    Customer Operations Lead, Tulip

  • Headshot of Jen Dyment

    Jen Dyment

    Product Marketing Manager, Tulip

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