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MES 2023 Predictions: How to Navigate the Economic Triple Squeeze

As we head into 2023, manufacturing companies are faced with unprecedented pressure, something being referred to as a triple squeeze on performance: looming economic hardship pressing their bottom line, a competitive market for skilled workers, and unexpected disruptions to the supply chains. Improving productivity and efficiency is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s mission-critical.

The world around us continues to present new challenges and the need to pivot and adapt to changes in demand has never been greater - this is why we’re forecasting 2023 to be the tipping point for digital manufacturing. With the triple squeeze on the top of every company's mind, they’re looking to build an agile, composable technology architecture that will help increase productivity, boost ROI, and stay resilient in the face of the unknown.

In this webinar, our industry veteran Erik Mirandette will take a closer look at the state of MES and how the solutions are holding up in the face of new challenges.

During the discussion, we will deep dive into:

  • The current MES landscape - did our predictions for 2022 pan out?

  • The newly emerged triple squeeze on performance–what will manufacturers need from their tech stack to survive?

  • Predictions for 2023 and how can manufacturers can maintain a competitive advantage with the right system.


  • Senior Engineer at Tulip

    Erik Mirandette

    Head of Product & Ecosystem, Tulip


    Mark Field

    Head of Portfolio Marketing, Tulip