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Make Data Make Sense: Why Data Context and Quality are the Keys to Successful Digital Transformation

With competitors growing into your area of operations, it’s critical to ensure that your manufacturing facilities are running efficiently, training and retaining employees effectively, and, most importantly, scaling.

For this to happen, manufacturers need to know everything about their factory floor and its operation in various situations. And the best way to keep a finger on the pulse of your operation is through your data.

The ability to collect and analyze the right data provides a clear picture of the entire manufacturing process. But in 2023 and beyond, manufacturing data is worthless without context.

Join Tulip's Head of Customer Services, Gilad Langer, and Adoption Manager, Brian McGarvey as they dive into the importance of contextual data in manufacturing. They'll uncover:

  • The institutional barriers preventing manufacturers from contextualizing data
  • How to extract and compile all the business-critical data
  • How to effectively contextualize data, transitioning to a proactive business
  • Real examples from leading manufacturers


  • Headshot of Gilad Langer

    Gilad Langer

    Industry Practice Lead, Tulip


    Brian McGarvey

    Strategic Account Manager, Tulip