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Key Requirements for Your Next-Gen MES in 2022

With mounting pressures to respond quickly to evolving customer demands, adhere to compliance regulations, and retain their workforce, it’s no wonder manufacturers are increasingly turning to next-gen MES solutions to replace traditional legacy systems across frontline operations.

Next-gen MES systems are user experience-centric and enable citizen development for manufacturing operations, resulting in improved agility, scalability, and a significant increase in productivity.

However, transitioning to a next-gen MES platform, whether fully or partially, doesn’t come without its challenges, which is why you need an implementation strategy that can support a successful rollout that maximizes ROI.

During this webinar, you’ll learn

  • How a next-gen MES solution fills the gaps of a traditional MES

  • The most impactful considerations when assessing MES solutions

  • Ways to avoid potential pitfalls



    Sébastien Lorandel

    Solutions Engineer, Tulip
    10+ years experience in MES systems; expertise in development, technical leadership, pre-sales engineering, and proof-of-concept


    Patrick Harrigan

    Strategic Alliances Leader, Tulip