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How the Right Tech Stack will Improve Agility & Empower Your Frontline Workforce

A virtual business case hosted by Industry IoT:

Due to continued economic uncertainty as we head into 2023, manufacturing companies are still tackling the challenges of the “triple squeeze.” With ongoing supply chain disruptions, inflation, and the growing shortage of skilled workers, this triple squeeze can crumble operations if companies don’t take the necessary steps to be proactive instead of reactive.

In their 2023 manufacturing industry outlook, Deloitte highlighted that “companies with higher digital maturity have shown greater resilience.” Adopting the right digital tech stack is the first step to creating an agile and resilient workforce — and we’re here to talk about how this digital transformation can help tackle one of the top challenges in recent years: empowering your frontline workers.

As these skilled workers continue to be in high demand, operations leaders are under more pressure than ever to implement tools that empower their workforce to focus their time and energy on critical, complex, and high-value tasks. By adopting the right technology, you can enable your frontline operators to work more efficiently and effectively — ultimately allowing them to increase their productivity, while also giving them the autonomy they need to accelerate their careers.

In this virtual business case brought to you by Industry IoT and Tulip, industry experts will discuss:

  • The current state of technology and the global workforce in manufacturing
  • How the right technology can not only help manufacturers empower frontline workers, but also give them a competitive advantage
  • Case studies highlighting how digital augmentation has led to retention and increased productivity
  • Steps you can start taking immediately to augment your workforce


  • Eddy Atkins, Tulip

    Eddy Atkins

    Head of Customer Success, Tulip

  • Headshot of the CTO of Pirelli - Ilker Kalali

    Ilker Kalali

    CTO - USA, Pirelli